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TESCO - Window Screens

Tesco’s window screens are manufactured with high quality frames. Available in several styles and colors to match your existing screens. Whether you have older aluminum windows or newer vinyl windows we can match your screen type. Tesco offers several quality mesh options to fit your screen needs including Ultravue. Ultravue allows for enhanced visibility and better airflow. Additionally Tesco carries many different hardware options to match most window manufacturers. All screens are custom made to your size. We can also repair or rescreen your existing window screens.

aluminum window screens
Aluminum Screen Frames
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  Wood Screen Frames
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  Vinyl Screen Frames
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 Custom Sliding Frames

Screen Options

window screen options

Tesco uses black or gray fiberglass mesh as the standard screening. Same mesh as window manufacturers use. Other quality mesh options are available to match your existing screens including bright or black aluminum screen mesh.

Pet screen is a heavy duty screen made of strong vinyl coated polyester. It is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. Available in a black color.

Bettervue offers better visibility and insect protection than standard mesh. Bettervue allows 20% better optical clarity and 20% better airflow.

Ultravue offers even more visibility and airflow. Ultravue allows 25% better airflow and 25% more optical clarity than standard fiberglass mesh.